Bella Dama Cigars 6 Tin with Cutter/Lighter Combo & Portable Humidor.

~This black/nickel windproof butane blue flame adjustable lighter consists of 3 burners accompanied by a straight cut metal cigar cutter in a separate beautiful gift box.

*Butane not included.

~ Portable Clear Cigar Case with humidifier and hygrometer.

Perfect combination of glass and bamboo, the cigar Humidor is made of high Tempered glass for easy cleaning and can be rinsed directly with water. Height 8.5″ x diameter 2.55″.

We find that Tempered Glass Humidor guarantees a natural taste and designed to enhance the cigar smoker’s experience.

Built in silicone seal to prevent any cigar aroma leaking while travelling, You can put 4 to 5 cigars into the ‘jar’ which Includes diving material tote sleeve to ensure a non-slip grip and for better protection.

Comes wrapped in a tube box.

*Your choice of any Cigar.

Packaged as shown.

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